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Excel allows us to split the worksheet into panes so that we can scroll through each pane separately.  This is especially useful when we are working with a large data set and we want a split view of the screen.  

How to split screen

The method to split screen is very easy.  We only need to click on the cell where we want to split, like E6.  Then we click the View tab > Split button.

Figure 1.  Final result:  How to split screen

The screen will automatically be divided into four areas, with a horizontal and vertical line that serve as dividers, intersecting at the upper left corner of cell E6.  

We can now scroll down the bottom part of the worksheet while leaving the top portion stationary.  

Figure 2.  Scrolling the bottom part

Alternatively, we can also scroll down the upper portion of the worksheet and the bottom part will display the view exactly as we left it.  

Figure 3.  Scrolling the top part

In the same manner, we can also scroll the right side of the screen without changing the left side view, and vice versa.  

Figure 4.  Scrolling to the side

Move the split screen

We can actually move the split screen by simply dragging the lines up, down, left or right.  In the example below, we have moved the horizontal line below row 2, and the vertical line to the right of column C.  

Figure 5.  Output: Move the split screen

Horizontal split screen

We can also customize the split screen to show only two panes.  In order to split horizontally, follow these steps:

  • Click below the row where we want the screen to split.  We want the screen to split after the third row so we select row 4.  
  • Click View tab > Split

Figure 6.  Output: Horizontal split screen

The screen will split above the selected cells.  We can now scroll in the top and bottom screens separately.  

Figure 7.  Scrolling the bottom screen

Vertical split screen

Remember that the screen will split above and to the left of the active cells.  In order to split vertically, follow these steps:

  • Click column C
  • Click View tab > Split

Figure 8.  Output: Vertical split screen

The screen is split vertically and we can now scroll the left and right screens independently.  

Figure 9.  Scrolling the right screen

Remove split screen

To remove the split screen, simply uncheck the Split command button in View tab.

Figure 10.  How to remove split screen