Save As Shortcut

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There are several available keyboard shortcuts to make us more efficient while working with Excel.  One of the very useful shortcuts involves saving our workbook.  

Remember these shortcuts when saving:

  • F12 to open the Save As dialog box
  • CTRL + S to save the current workbook

Save As

In order to open the Save As window, we have to follow these steps:

  • Click the File tab
  • Select the Save As command at the left

Figure 1.  Save As options

  • Browse the location where we want to save the file, or we can select from the Recent Folders list at the right (example: Desktop)
  • The Save As dialog box will appear.  Enter a file name for our workbook, “Book1”

Figure 2.  Save As dialog box

  • Click Save

F12 Save As shortcut

When we press the Save As hotkey F12, the Save As dialog box will instantly appear on the screen.  Hence, we can skip steps 1 to 3 discussed above.

Figure 3.  Output of F12 shortcut key

By pressing just one key on the keyboard, F12, we can access the Save As shortcut and save our workbook right away.  


When we want to instantaneously save our workbook, we click the File tab > Save button.  

Figure 4.  Save Option in File

CTRL + S Save shortcut

It is advisable to constantly save our work to prevent loss of data.  Simply press CTRL + S on the keyboard to save the changes in the current workbook that we are working on.