How to the Display ‘Go To’ Dialog Box in Excel

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Excel offers some great keyboard shortcuts to make life easier for its users. The ‘Go To’ dialog box is one such example. We can use the ‘Go To’ box to select cells of a certain type very quickly. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use the ‘Go To’ dialog box in Excel.

Figure 1. Example of how to Display ‘Go To’ Dialog Box in Excel

Keyboard Shortcut

  • Ctrl G (Windows)
  •  + G (Mac)


The ‘Go To’ box lets us go to an address or named range. It has a ‘Special’ button. It allows us to select special cells, like blanks, cells with constants or formulas and a few more.  We can use the Ctrl and G or the F5 button in Windows to open the ‘Go To’ dialog box. In Mac, we can use the ^ and G or the Fn and F5 button to open the box.

Setting Up Data

The following example uses a student information database. Column A, B and C has the student names, Class and ages. The classes have named range of their owns.

Figure 2. The Sample Data Set

To go to grade 6 with the ‘Go To’ dialog box, we need to:

  • Press Ctrl + G.
  • This will open the ‘Go To’ dialog box.
  • From the list select Grade_6.

Figure 3. The ‘Go To’ Dialog Box

  • Press OK.

Figure 4. The Final Result

This will move the selection to the students of grade 6.


  • The ‘Go To’ dialog box also covers special cells.

Figure 5. The Special Segment of the ‘Go To’ Dialog Box

  • We can check blank cells, constants, formulas and other special cells with the ‘Go To’ dialog box.