How to strikethrough in Excel

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Excel is great in creating and maintaining lists, and it also allows us to easily cross out items in the list through the Strikethrough tool.  Although Strikethrough in Excel is not readily available on the ribbon, it can be applied through a keyboard shortcut or in Format Cells.

Figure 1.  Final result: How to add a strikethrough

Strikethrough keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + 5

Strikethrough in one cell

The strikethrough keyboard shortcut in Excel is [ Ctrl + 5 ].  

  • Select any cell that we want to strikethrough
  • Press [ Ctrl + 5 ] on the keyboard

Figure 2.  Output: Strikethrough in one cell

Strikethrough in multiple cells

The strikethrough keyboard shortcut can also be applied to multiple cells.  We simply highlight several adjacent cells.  In the case of non-adjacent cells, we press the Ctrl key then click the cells that we want strikethrough.  Afterwards, we press the hotkey for strikethrough: [ Ctrl + 5 ]

Figure 3.  Output: Strikethrough in multiple cells

Strikethrough within a cell

When we want to strikethrough only a part of the contents of a cell, we follow these steps:

  • Select the cell and double-click or press F2 for cell Edit Mode
  • Highlight the text that we want to strikethrough
  • Press [ Ctrl + 5 ]

Figure 4.  Output: Strikethrough within a cell

Strikethrough in Format Cells

Strikethrough can also be applied through the Format Cells options.

  • Select the cells we want to strikethrough
  • Right-click and select Format Cells or press Ctrl + 1 to launch the Format cells dialog box
  • In Format Cells, click Font tab > tick Strikethrough

Figure 5.  Format Cells in menu options

Figure 6.  Strikethrough Format Cells

Figure 7.  Output: Cross out cells through Format Cells

How to remove strikethrough

There are two methods to remove strikethrough:

  • Press [ Ctrl + 5 ]

Select the cells we want to remove strikethrough and press [ Ctrl + 5 ]

Below image shows how easy it is to undo strikethrough.  Pressing [ Ctrl + 5 ] again does the trick.  

Figure 8.  Output: How to remove strikethrough using Ctrl + 5

  • Through Format Cells

Select the cells we want to edit, right-click and select Format Cells, or press [ Ctrl + 1 ].  Next, we untick Strikethrough in the Font tab of Format Cells.  

Figure 9.  Untick Strikethrough box in Format cells

Either of these methods will immediately remove strikethrough.  

Figure 10. Output: How to remove strikethrough  through Format Cells