How to Split Cells and Split Text to Columns and Rows in Google Spreadsheet

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We can split a cell in google spreadsheet by highlighting the cell and unmerging it. This will automatically split the merged cells. This tutorial will teach us how to split cells into columns, Split text to columns and rows in Excel.

Figure 1a: Split cells in a spreadsheet

Figure 1b: Split text to columns

Figure 1c: Split text to rows

How to Split cells in Google sheets

  • We will open a Google spreadsheet 

Figure 2: Google Sheet

  • We will highlight a section we want to merge on our worksheet

Figure 3: Highlighted cells

  • We will now click on format in the taskbar, then select the merge option and click on merge all.

Figure 4: Merged cells

  • We can split the cells by clicking on the portion of the spreadsheet we want to split, click on format, then select the merge option. We will click on unmerge cells

Figure 5: Unmerged cells

How to Split Text to Columns in Excel

When we have texts that we intend to split in a single column, e.g. first name and last name, we can split the text into a column by doing the following:

Figure 6: Inputted Text

  • We will highlight Cells A2 to A4 and click on Data
  • We will scroll down to select Split Text to Column

Figure 7: Split Text to Column

How to Split Text to Rows in Google sheets

  • We can split text to rows only after splitting to columns. 

Figure 8: Text

  • We will highlight range A2:B4 and click on Cell C2 where our result will be returned
  • We will right-click and select Paste Special
  • We will click Paste Transpose

Figure 9: Split Text to rows