How to Search Excel Cell for Text

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Excel allows us to search cell for text with the Find and Replace tab. This tutorial will teach all levels of Excel users how to find text in a cell.

Figure 1 – How to Search Cell for Text

How to Search Cell for Text (case-insensitive)

We can search for a word by following the procedure below. This procedure is not case-sensitive.

  • We will highlight the range of cells we want to search or click any cell to search the whole worksheet

Figure 2 – How to search for a word

  • We will click Editing group on the Home tab. We will click Find & Select, and then click Find

Figure 3 – Find word

  • We will search for Dan in the Find What box. We can also use the drop-down arrow to find text from recent searches. Also, we can search for wildcards like ?* etc.

Figure 4 – How to find a word

  • We will click Find Next to find the next cell where Dan appears. We will click Find All to find all cells where Dan appears

Figure 5 – How to find word in a cell

  • We can click on Options to apply more criteria to our search. For instance, we selected MATCH CASE for excel to search for DAN in UPPERCASE only. We will not find any text because Dan is in Mixed case.

Figure 6 – Find and Replace dialog box

We can cancel a current search by pressing the ESC key.