How to repeat action in excel

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We can repeat an action in excel by inputting a formula to perform a specific function in a cell, then use the cursor to drag down the fill handle tool to replicate the formula in the other cells to repeat the last command. This tutorial will teach us how to repeat a function.

Figure 1: How to repeat a function in excel

Setting up the Data to Repeat Last Action

We will create three columns. We will input our data in the first two, and then use the third column to perform the repeat function we want.

Figure 2: Data set

  • We will now input our desired formula into “Cell D4” to perform a specific function between “Cell B4” and “Cell C4”. In this tutorial, we will add up the square of both columns.

Figure 3: Performing the function

  • We will now press enter to allow the answer of our formula to be displayed in “Cell D4”

Figure 4: Display result

  • After displaying the result of our formula in “Cell D4”, we will now extend the fill handle (the small box at the bottom-right of Cell D4) to “Cell D9” to repeat the last command.

Figure 5: Excel repeat action