How to insert special characters in Excel

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We can easily insert special symbols in our spreadsheet by using the special characters Excel feature. The Excel symbol list includes a wide variety of options like the Excel math symbolsthe trademark symbol in Excel, the Microsoft Excel $ symbol, and many others.

Figure 1. of Special Characters in Excel

In today’s world where virtually everything has a copyright, trademark, and patent, it is crucial that we learn how to insert symbols in Excel when required.

How to insert special characters in Excel

When it comes to entering symbols, special characters, international characters, or fractions, the font we use is vital.

Not all fonts feature the same Microsoft Excel symbols; as a result it is important to make use of the right font if we want to find the character or symbol.

We will now demonstrate how to insert special symbols in Excel spreadsheets;

  1. We begin by placing our cursor at the exact location where we want to insert a Microsoft Excel symbol.
  2. Click on “Symbol” on the “Insert” tab:

Figure 2. Symbol Button in Excel

  1. Scroll up and down to locate the symbol we want to insert;

Figure 3. Special Symbols in Excel

  1. Because Excel fonts often come with different Excel symbols in them, we can make use of the “Font” selector option on the top left corner of the above illustration.

When we come across the Excel symbols we want listed on the gallery, simply click on it to insert into our spreadsheet. Otherwise, click on “More Symbols” to open the next “Symbol” menu box.