How to hide or show the Excel Ribbon menu in Windows and Mac

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We can hide or view ribbon in Excel in many easy ways. The Ribbon Menu is the top portion of our Excel workbook and it takes a lot of space. If we wish to have more space for our excel sheet, it is possible to hide the ribbon. In this tutorial, we will illustrate four easy ways to show or hide the ribbon on Windows and MacBook.

Figure 1 – Excel Hide ribbon

Excel Hide or Show Ribbon in Windows using the Arrow Buttons

  • The quickest way to hide the ribbon is by using the small up arrow at the bottom right of our ribbon.

Figure 2 – How to hide ribbon in excel

  • We can click on this arrow to hide the ribbon menu. Now we will find our excel ribbon hidden

Figure 3 – Excel ribbon hidden

  • At the top of our ribbon, we will now find an arrow. When we click on this arrow, we will find three options; the Auto Hide RibbonShow Tabs and Show Tabs and Commands

Figure 4 – How to show ribbon in Excel

  • If we select the Autohide Ribbon option, then the entire ribbon (Tabs and commands) will be hidden.

Figure 5 – Excel Show Ribbon

  • Now, we can click to show Ribbon, by selecting the three dots at the top right above the formula bar. When we hover around it, it will assume the color of the ribbon (green color) until we click on it to show the ribbon.

Figure 6 – Unhide Ribbons in Excel

We can also find this arrow at the top of our Excel Ribbon in Mac. This arrow will show at the top when the ribbon is visible and at the button when the ribbon is hidden.  

Right Click and Hide Ribbon

We can also right-click anywhere on the ribbon to show or hide the Ribbon menu. If we wish to show the Ribbon, we will simply right-click on the ribbon and choose the “Collapse the Ribbon” option.

Figure 7 – Excel Show Ribbon

How to Hide Ribbon using the Shortcut Keys

We can use handy shortcut keys to hide or show ribbon. We will simply press Ctrl + F1 anytime to turn on or off the ribbon. These shortcut keys also work for PowerPoint, Word and all Microsoft Applications.

Alternatively, we can use the shortcut Command +Option+ R to show or hide the ribbon on Excel Mac.

Pin to Show Ribbon in Excel

  • To keep our Ribbon fixed at the top of the workbook, we will first, press Ctrl + F1 to hide the ribbon. Next, we will click on any of the menu items to see the ribbon again.

Figure 8-  Show ribbon in Excel  

  • Next, we will click on the small pin icon at the lower right corner. We will click on it to pin the ribbon to be displayed permanently at the top of our worksheet.

Figure 9 – Excel show ribbon by pinning

Hide Ribbon from Excel preferences

  • We can permanently turn off ribbon in the Excel Mac by going to Preferences. Next, we will click on the Ribbon Option in the preferences dialog box.

Figure 10 – View Ribbon in Excel Mac

  • In the Ribbons dialog, we will use the arrows to turn on or off the Ribbon.

Figure 11 – Show ribbons in Excel  

Next, we will uncheck the “Turn on the ribbon” box in the Ribbon dialog pop box.