How to Execute VBA in Excel

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We can execute vba in excel by launching the excel application and running the visual basic for applications in the developer tab. This tutorial would teach us how to launch VBA in excel.

Figure 1: How to run macros in excel

Running VBA

  • To run vba, we will open a spreadsheet

Figure 2: VBA run macro

We will click on the developer option in the taskbar. We will click Visual Basic in the Code Group

Figure 3: Launching the VBA program

  • This will run the VBA on a separate page

Figure 4: VBA launched

  • We will click on insert and select module to begin writing a new vba code

Figure 5: New module for VBA code

  • We can now begin writing our code

Figure 6: Begin writing code

  • When we are through writing our code, we will click on run to execute the vba code on macro on the workbook.

Figure 7: VBA code written and ready to run