How to Create a Sparkline in Excel

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We can insert sparklines in Excel to cells of a worksheet in few easy steps. Sparklines have a compressed size that show trends in a bulky data set in a visual and concise manner. This tutorial will walk all levels of Excel users through how to work with sparklines in Excel.

Figure 1 – How to Create a sparkline in excel

What are Sparklines in excel?

Excel sparklines are little charts that are plotted within individual cells of a worksheet. A sparkline is very effective when placed side-by-side with the data it represents. Sparklines highlight seasonal changes, abrupt increase or sharp decreases, maximum and minimum values, etc.

How to Add Sparklines in Excel

  • We will select the range of the data that we want to analyze with the sparklines

Figure 2 – Data for excel column sparklines

  • We will click on the Insert tab and in the Sparklines group and then select the type of sparkline we want

Figure 3 – Sparklines group to insert microsoft excel sparklines

  • Excel includes four types of sparkline charts: line, column, win/loss, and stock. We will click on Column for this tutorial

Figure 4 – Create Sparklines dialog box

  • We will highlight Cell F4 to Cell F14 as the location range

Figure 5 – Create Sparklines Location range

  • We will click OK

Figure 6 – Sparklines excel

Note – The sparklines changes automatically when we make a change to the content of the range where we plotted the sparkline.

How to Delete a Sparkline

  • We will click on the sparkline we want to delete. We will click on Cell F4

Figure 7 – Click on Cell F4

  • We will go the Design tab and click on Clear.

Figure 8 – Click on Clear

  • On the drop-down, we will click on Clear Selected Sparklines

Figure 9 – How to Delete a Sparkline in Excel