How to Convert Excel Text to Columns and Rows

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We can use the Text to Column tool to separate values that are not similar into separate columns and rows. This tool helps us to split our data into different columns of the excel sheet. This tutorial will walk all levels of Excel users through the process of Converting Text to Columns and Rows.

Figure 1 – How to Convert Excel Text to Columns and Rows

How to Convert Text to Column

  • We will use Figure 2 to illustrate the process of converting text to column.

Figure 2 – Data to convert text to column

  • We will select the cells containing our data

Figure 3 – Select the cells with the data

  • We will click the Data tab and click Text to columns

Figure 4 – Click Text to Columns

  • We will click next

Figure 5 – Convert Text to Columns Wizard

  • We will check the Comma and Space boxes

Figure 6 – Check the Comma and Space boxes

  • We will click Finish

Figure 7 – Prompt to replace destination cells

  • We will click OK

Figure 8 – Text converted to Columns

How to Convert Text to Rows

Excel does not have the Text to Row tool like Text to Column. We will use the Transpose tool to convert our Text to Rows.

  • We will select and Copy the data

Figure 9 – How to Convert Text to Rows

  • We will select a location where we want our new data to be pasted.

Figure 10 – Select location of new data

  • We will right-click and select the Transpose tool under Paste options

Figure 11 – How to convert Text to Rows