How to use logical function AND in Excel

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There are many logical functions that we can use for our various purposes. Among the most popular logical functions is the AND function. The logical test AND is mostly used when we require to apply more than one condition at the same time.

Figure 1: Using Excel AND function

How to use AND logic

=AND (logical1, [logical2]…)

As seen in the figure above, the logical AND function is simply used to apply more than one condition when formatting a sheet. Put simply, we can test multiple logical tests using the AND function.

This logical function will return either a TRUE if the logical test meets the requirement, or FALSE if the requirements are not met. Like in the above figure, those scores that are above 75 but less than 90 will have a TRUE result if the AND logic is used to test it. Those scores that do not fall within the scope will have a FALSE result returned by this logic.

You can use up to 255 logical conditions at the same time. The only thing you need to know is that when using logical functions to test multiple conditions, the cells, arrays or references must have logical values to be tested.


Think of a situation where you want to test whether or not the contents of a given cell is greater than 5 less than 10. We proceed as follows;

Take the cell to be B3, and we want to test if its content is greater 10 and less than 10.

=AND (B3>10, B10<10)

Figure 2: Sample results of the AND function

In this example, you can see that all those entries that meet the condition have a TRUE result. Those that do not meet the condition, on the other hand, have a FALSE result.