How to print an entire workbook

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We can print a workbook by using the file option and select print. However, if we have multiple sheets and we want to print the entire workbook, then we would need to edit the parameters in the print section before printing the multiple tab sheets. This tutorial will teach us how to print multiple sheets.

Figure 1: Print Entire Workbook

Print worksheets on Separate Pages

  • By default, Excel sets the print option to print the active worksheet. To print worksheets on separate pages, we will simply open the workbook and press Ctrl + P.

How to print all Tabs

  • We will open our workbook, which contains multiple sheets

Figure 2a: Sheet 1

Figure 2b: Sheet 2

Figure 2c: Sheet 3

  • We will now go to file, select print option and under the settings, we will change the option from print active sheet to print entire workbook

Figure 3: Print Entire workbook