How to open ODS files in Excel

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ODS files are the default file format for worksheets which are generated and saved by using the Apache Open Office suite.

The .ods file type are compatible with Apache Open Office only and cannot be opened with other spreadsheet programs, including Microsoft Excel.

Figure 1. ODS File

If we want to work on an ods worksheet in Excel, we will have to convert the ods file.

Fortunately, we can utilize the Open Office worksheet program to save the file in ods format as an Excel file.

What is an ODS File?

The ods file type is a spreadsheet generated by the OpenOffice suite programme.

It stores data within cells that have been organized into columns and rows.

We can format the ods file extension by using the in-built OpenOffice XML-based tool.

We can also open .ods files in Excel and save them as .XLSX, or .XLS files.

How to open .ods files in Excel

We will now show you the process of opening ods files in Excel with the following simple steps:

  1. We start by finding the .ods file we want to open by browsing the files on our computer;

Figure 2. of .ODS File

  1. Once found, right-click on the ods file and then a pop-up menu will appear with some options;

Figure 3. ODS File Menu Options

  1. Click on “Open with” on the right-click menu;

Figure 4. of Open With Button in Excel

  1. This opens up a list of options available to us in another pop-up window; we can then select our preferred choice to open the ods file extension;

Figure 5. of Open With Options in Excel

From our list of applications, Microsoft Excel allows us to open, view, as well as edit ods files.

  1. Clicking on ‘Enter” on our keyboard will automatically convert ODS to Excel and then open our selected .ods file in Excel;

Figure 6. Enter Keyboard Key