How to move rows and columns in Google sheets

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We can manage Google Sheets in various ways; we can move cells in Google Sheets, hide and unhide them, change their width and height, and also merge multiple rows.

Learning how to make google sheets swap columns and rows is a useful styling tool that will make our table easier to understand and operate.

Figure 1. Move Rows and Columns in Google Sheets

Each row and column in a new Google sheet is always preset to the same width and height.

As we work more with spreadsheets, we will discover that such default size and positional settings are not always suitable for different kinds of cell content.

We may be required to rearrange our table by moving around one or more spreadsheet rows. There is a simple way to do this;

How to Switch Columns and Rows in Google Sheets

  • We begin by selecting the rows we want to move and then on our Google Sheet menu we click on “Edit” > “Move row up or down” button;

Figure 2. Move Rows in Google Sheets

We can now select the specified row and then drag and drop it onto the needed location. This way we can move Google sheet rows up and down. Next, we will demonstrate how to change row height in Google sheets;

We can enhance our table layout by changing row height in Google sheets.

Here is a straightforward way to do that:

Allow the cursor to hover over the lower border of the spreadsheet row we want to resize, and when it changes into a scroll with an Up/Down Arrow, we can click and resize as needed:

Figure 3. Adjust Row Height in Google Sheets

Next, we will demonstrate how to resize cells in Google sheets.

  • Click on the context menu on the top right corner of our spreadsheet. Right-click on the row we want to resize and select the “Resize row” option;

Figure 4. Resize Rows in Google Sheets

We can change row height in Google sheets whenever we want to have different lines of similar height in our sheet. Simply select all of them make changes via the context menu: