How to make Excel list all possible combinations

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Imagine a case where you have to list all possible combinations from an Excel sheet. Normally, this would be an easy task if you have a short list of data and values. However, when you have hundreds or even thousands of data, you need to know how to perform an Excel combination of all possible values. In this post, we shall look at how to generate all possible combinations in Excel using an Excel formula.

To list all combinations possible in an Excel sheet, follow the following procedure;

Step 1: Open the sheet

You first need to open the sheet with data from which you want to make all possible combinations. To open, simply double-click on the sheet and it will open.

Step 2: Select cell for result

You now need to select a cell where you want to have the result of possible combinations to appear. Once you have decided where the result will appear, paste in the formula as shown in figure 1 below;

Figure 1: All possible combinations formula

In the figure above notice that we have each column specified. This shows that we will list possible combinations for each of the columns.

Step 3: Drag the formula to other cells

To generate possible combination for all the other cells, you need to drag the formula across all the other cells in the column. This is as shown in figure 2 below;

Figure 2: Possible combinations in cells