How to Make A Graph In Word For Windows And Mac O.S

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We can quickly create a graph in Microsoft word regardless of the kind of operating system we have. In this tutorial, we will study how to create charts from tables in Wordcreate chart directly on Microsoft word and transfer graph from an Excel Sheet to Microsoft Word.

Figure 1 – How to create a graph in word

Making a Chart in Microsoft Word for Windows and Mac

Creating the Microsoft Word graph or chart follows the same process for both Windows and Mac. To create a graph, we will follow these steps:

  • We will open the Word Document where we want to create our graph

Figure 2 – Open Blank document for creating graph in Word

  • We will click Insert Tab, navigate to the Illustrations group and select Chart button

Figure 3 – Microsoft Word charts

  • We will find the Insert Chart dialog box where we can select from the different kinds of graphs or charts present including Histogram, bar, and Line. After picking, we click OK

Figure 4 – Drawing a graph in Word

  • Once, we are done, we will find our graph in the Word Document alongside a new Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Window, where we can add, remove or modify our data.

Figure 5 – Insert graph in Word

  • When we have finished modifying the data, we will close the spreadsheet window
  • In some cases where we may not find this window automatically, we may open it by right clicking on the chart and select Edit Data Button. In addition, whenever we wish to update our data, we can equally use the Edit Data option to do so.

Figure 6 – Editing graph in Word

Creating charts from Table Data in Word

We may also create a chart from our normal table Data in MS-Word. Typically, older versions of Microsoft Word allowed us to right-click on any table and convert quickly to chart. But, with Word 2016, we can only have a new Excel Spreadsheet for every chart created. To get the same effect, we need a Microsoft graph chart object. To create a chart from the Table:

  • We highlight the entire table, go to the Insert tab and select Object in the Text section

Figure 7 – How to do a graph in Word

  • Next, we tap the Microsoft Graph Chart and click OK.

Figure 8 – How to create a chart in Word from an existing table

  • Word will launch the Microsoft Graph Window, changing in the process while creating a chart from our table automatically. Here, we can modify our data sheet if necessary

Figure 9 – Drawing graph on Word

  • If we wish to change the type of chart, we will double-click on the chart and select Chart Type.

Figure 10 – Creating a chart in Word

  • This will provide the Chart Type dialog box with several options. Once we have the one that suits us, we click OK.

How to make a chart in Microsoft word by transferring a chart from Excel

  • We will create a chart or graph in Microsoft Excel
  • We will select the entire chart
  • We will copy the chart by using Ctrl + C or right-click on the graph and select copy
  • In our word document, we will place our cursor where we want to add the chart.
  • We will right click and select the paste option to insert our graph


Microsoft Word has different functionalities including the ability to add graphs easily. However, graphs created in Microsoft Excel and added to MS-Word may not come with their spreadsheet. This is typically seen in MS-Word 2013 and below. For MS-Word 2016, we may be able to modify the chart or graph after placing in the document.