How to invert axis in Excel

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There are times when we just have to flip axes in Excel to get the correct order of the data we are working with. Cases such as a bar chart compared with data, we have the axis order reversed in the default mode. This requires us to know how to reverse the axis in order to work with it. In this post, we shall learn how to flip axis.

Step-by-step guide on inverting axis

To have a quick view of how to arrange categories in inverse order, let us look at a step-by-step guide on how to do it;

Flipping axis using the Format Axis dialog

Step 1: Select Format Axis

The first thing we have to flip x and y axis is to select the Format Axis button. To do this, we have to right click the y axis that we want to reverse. Then, select the Format Axis from the context menu.

Step 2: Check Categories in reverse order

The next thing to do is to check the Categories in reverse order. This is found in the Format Axis dialog, in the Axis Options.

Step 3: Close the dialog box

To have the axis flipped, you now need to close the dialog box. This will automatically flip the axes.

Note that with this process, you can be able to reverse the order of categories in any way you want. When you know how to reverse axes is essential, as it can help you be able to flip chart.