How to insert picture in a cell

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How to insert picture in a cell – Excelchat

While Excel is generally used for calculation and data analysis, there are cases where we have to insert a picture into a cell as part of our data, or as an additional information.   

Figure 1.  Final result: Insert a picture in a cell

Inserting a picture in a worksheet

We can easily insert images by using the Insert Picture tools.

Step 1.  Click Insert tab, then Picture

Figure 2.  Insert Picture Tools

Step 2.  The Insert Picture dialog box will appear.  Tick the picture we want to insert and click Insert.  

Figure 3.  Insert Picture preview pane

The selected picture will be inserted into the worksheet.  

Figure 4.  Output: Inserting a picture

Inserting multiple pictures

In order to insert several images at the same time, press and hold the Ctrl key while selecting the pictures to insert, then press Enter or click Insert.

Figure 5.  Selecting several images to insert

All three selected images will be inserted into the worksheet at the same time.  

Figure 6.  Output:  Inserting multiple pictures

Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + C to copy image

Ctrl + V to paste image

When inserting a picture from another program or application, we can make use of the keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste an image.  Simply click the picture in another program like Word or Paint, and press Ctrl C.  Then go to Excel and press Ctrl V.

Inserting a picture into a cell

When inserting a picture, the picture is by default independent of the cells.  Moving or resizing the cells will have no effect on the picture.  In order to embed the picture into the cell, we can change the picture’s properties through these steps:

Step 1.  Right-click the picture and select Format Picture.

Figure 7.  Selecting Format Picture

Step 2.  The Format Picture pane will appear.  Click Properties and tick Move and size with cells

Figure 8.  Format Picture preview

The position and size of the picture will now be affected when we adjust the cells.  

Example 1:

When we increase the cell width of column B, the picture also expands with the cell.  

Figure 9.  Picture size and positioning goes with the cell

Now that we have locked the image to the cell, we can actually organize text and pictures such that the picture fits only one cell, with a corresponding label or category in another column.  

Example 2:

Figure 10.  Output: Inserting pictures into a cell