How to insert current Excel file name in a cell in Excel

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While working with spreadsheets, a time might come when you are required to add some additional information about the spreadsheet you are working on. Usually the additional information needed is just to help find the location of the workbook as well as worksheet for easy tracking and identity. The best way to do this is thus to insert filename and file path. In this post, we shall look at how to insert a filename in a cell.

How to use the filename formula to insert current file name

For you to be able to insert a cell filename using the formula for filename, you first need to select the cell where you want the filename to appear. Then type in the following filename formula;

=CELL (“filename”)

Figure 1: How to get filename using filename formula

The filename formula above shall return the full path as well as file name of the active sheet.

Many Excel users also utilize the filename formula when they want to show file path. As seen from figure 1 above, the file path is C:\Users\xx\Desktop\[Book1.xlsx]Sheet1.