How to flip rows and columns in Excel

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MS excel is a very essential and useful program for people working in various sectors. Its importance is mostly seen in data analysis as well as data visualization. But for us to visualize the data correctly, then it has to be in correct format. And it might take a lot of time to manually re-enter data into new cells. This is why it is important for us to learn how to flip data.

How to reverse a column vertically

Figure 1: How to invert cells

To invert data in a column vertically might look like a very difficult thing. But with few simple steps, we can have the cells at the bottom of the column come fast, while those at the top come last at the bottom of the excel column.

Note that reversing the cells in excel manually can be a very tedious task most especially if we have a lot of data in the column in question. In figure 1 above, we have the initial column A, on the left reversed so that we have those cells at the top coming at the bottom while those at the bottom coming at the top. To do this, follow the simple steps below;

Steps to invert a column using sort command

Step 1: Create a helper column

To be able to reverse order of column in excel using the sort command, we first have to create a helper column besides the column which we want to flip. In the helper column, number the first l as 1, the second one as 2, 3, 4, ….. till the last cell in the column.

Figure 2: Creating helper column to help reverse cells in excel column

Step 2: Click Data> Sort Z to A

The next thing we need to do is to sort the helper column. To do this, we first have to highlight the helper column, then click on the Data button, and then click the Sort Z to A.

Figure 3: Select Sort Z to A

Step 3: Expand the Selection

After clicking on the Sort Z to A button, we will be presented with a Sort Warning dialog box. Here, we have to click the Expand the selection button then click the Sort button.

Figure 4: Expand the selection

After this, we will see the order of the column reversed. The helper column is optional depending on demands.

Figure 5: Inverted cells in the column

If you have been wondering on how to flip excel data in a given column, then you should try following the steps outlined above to get a glimpse of how easy it actually is.

Steps to flip a table

If we were to flip a whole table in excel, then we just have to follow the same procedure as above, using the sort command.

The procedure for flipping rows is more or less the same, with the only difference being that we shall be working with rows and not columns.