How to Customize the Excel Quick Access Toolbar

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When we have functions or tools we use regularly in Excel, we can add those commands to the Quick Access ToolbarIt saves time and makes us more productive. The Excel Quick Access Toolbar is customizable. It can hold tools other than Save, Undo or Quick Print. In this tutorial, we will learn how to add new buttons to the Quick Access Bar.

Figure 1 – The Quick Access Toolbar

Add a Command to the Quick Access Toolbar

   1. We can add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar in two ways.

  • We will click on the File Tab and select Options

Figure 2 – Click the Options Button

  • Next, we will select Quick Access Toolbar

Figure 3 – Quick Access Bar

  • In the Choose Commands from the text box, we will click on the drop-down menu and select All commands
  • We will select the command we want. In this case, we will add Create Chart
  • When we select Create Chart, we will click Add to insert this option into the Quick Access Toolbar

Figure 4 – Quick Access Bar

  • Our Quick Access Toolbar will look like this

Figure 5 – Add Command to Quick Access Toolbar

   2. Alternatively, we can click on the drop-down arrow on the Quick Access Toolbar. Here we can access quick commands. We can also view other commands by selecting More Commands.

Figure 6 – Using the drop-down arrow to customize the quick access toolbar

Rearrange Commands on the Quick Access Toolbar

We can change the order of the commands on the Quick Access Toolbar.

  • We will right-click on the Quick Access Toolbar and select Customize Access Toolbar

Figure 7 – Customize Quick Access

  • In the Quick Access Toolbar text box, we will select the Command we wish to move
  • Then, we will click the up or down arrow button to the right of the list to move it up or down the list

Figure 8 – Move up or down commands in Quick Access Toolbar

Remove Command from Quick Access Toolbar

  • We will select the Command button we wish to remove and right-click
  • Next, we will select Remove from Quick Access Toolbar

Figure 9 – Remove Command

  • Alternatively, we can remove commands by going to the main Customize Access Toolbar, select command and click Remove.

Figure 10 – Remove Command from Excel Options Window

Reset the Quick Access Toolbar

If we have already customized the Quick Access Toolbar and we wish to return it to the default set up without manually removing commands;

  • We will right-click on the Quick Access Toolbar and select Customize the Quick Access Toolbar screen
  • Next, we will select the reset button in the lower-right corner of the dialog box and choose Reset only Quick Access Toolbar from the drop-down menu.

Figure 11 – Reset Quick Access Toolbar