How to Apply Themes in Excel

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We can use Excel themes to change the formatting options available in Excel. Excel document themes change the font size, preformatted cell styles, font, etc. We can change themes in excel by navigating to Page Layout. This tutorial will teach all levels of Excel users how to apply themes in Excel and what happens when we change a theme to a workbook in Excel.

Figure 1 – Result of changed theme in Excel

How to change a theme in Excel

  • We will use figure 2 to illustrate how we can change Microsoft excel themes

Figure 2 – How to change Microsoft Excel themes

  • To change the default theme in Figure 2, we will click on Page Layout, and then, Themes

Figure 3 – How to change theme in excel

  • We can select any theme. We will select Clarity

Figure 4 – Result of changed theme in Excel

The selected theme has changed the font, the font size, the color of the graph or chartfill color, font color, and other preformatted cell styles.


  • Once we change from one theme to another, the available font color, cell styles, etc. will change.
  • We can get more themes by clicking Browse for themes in the Themes group of Figure 3.
  • We can make Custom Changes to Themes by clicking on Color, Font, and Effects beside Themes. This only changes the color and font and not the overall theme property.

Figure 5 – How to Make Custom Changes to Themes