Excel QUARTILE Function

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If we want to get the quartile of a given set of data, we can use the Excel QUARTILE function. We can get the minimum value, first, second, third quartiles and the maximum value. To understand how to find the quartiles of a given set of data, read this post to the end.

Figure 1: Finding quartiles in excel

Syntax of the formula

=QUARTILE (array, quart)


Array- reference with data to analyze

Quart- quartile value be to returned


When we want to get the quartiles of a set of data, we use the Excel QUARTILE function. This function takes two arguments, the array and the quart. The array contains the numeric data which we want to analyze while the quart indicates the quartile value to return. The function only accepts 5 values for the quart. This can be seen from the dropdown list when you are entering the formula.

In our example above, the formula in cell C2 is


We then copy the formula down across the other cells to find the other quartiles.

The table below shows the 5 return values accepted by this function