Excel Power view Add-Ins

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We can activate the power view option in excel to work on PowerPoint directly on our excel sheet. We do this by clicking on File and follow other simple steps. This tutorial will teach us how to add Microsoft Power View Add-In to excel.

Figure 1: Power view Add in

Power view Add-In 2016

  • We will open our Microsoft excel program from our windows applications

Figure 2: Microsoft Excel page

  • We will select File in the menu, then we will select options

Figure 3: Options menu

  • We will click on options to open the Excel options dialog box

Figure 4: Excel Options dialog box

  • We will now select Add-ins, go down to the section where we have the manage options and change it from Excel Add-ins to COM Add-ins. Then we will click on Go…

Figure 5: COM Add-ins

  • When we click on go, the COM Add-ins dialog box would be displayed. We will now select the Microsoft power view for Excel option and then click OK

Figure 6: Microsoft Power View 

  • We will enable Power View by going back to click on file in the menu, then we will select options, then we will select customize ribbons. 

Figure 7: Enabling Power view

  • We will now click on insert in the right column menu, and then we will go down and click on new group. This will display the name New Group on the list. We will now select new group and click on rename to change the name to reports.

Figure 8: Creating a new group on the insert menu

  • We will click OK

Figure 9: New group created as Reports (Custom)

  • We will select the Reports (customs) that has been named and proceed to the drop-down button of Choose commands from on the left column and we will change it to Commands Not in the Ribbon.

Figure 10: Command Not in the Ribbon

  • We will scroll down on the choices in the left column and click on Insert a Power View Report, then we will click the Add>> button and click OK

Figure 11: Insert a Power View Report

  • The Power View icon would be displayed in the Menu bar 

Figure 12: Power View Add-in

  • We will now open the power view add-in

Figure 13: Power view Add-in opened