Excel MIN Function

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If we want to find the smallest numeric value in a range of values, we can use the Excel MIN function. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use the Excel MIN function.

Figure 1: Using the Excel MIN function

Syntax of the formula

=MIN (number1, [number2],….)


  • Number1- refers to the numeric value or a range which contains the numeric value.
  • Number2- this is optional and it refers to the numeric value or range containing the numeric value as well.


This function returns the smallest value within a range of numeric values. It ignores empty cells, logical values TRUE and FALSE as well as text values. But if we must include the logical arguments, then we need to use the MINA function.

The MIN function is useful when calculating fastest runner in a competition, temperatures, and lowest sales among many other things.

We can use up to 255 arguments in the formula, to find the smallest value in a given set of data. If your data has got no numbers, then the MIN function will return 0 as the smallest numeric value result.


Figure 2: Minimum sales of the week

Here, we have used the MIN function to find the least sales of the week, which is 54 units on Saturday.