How to Use the Comment Feature in Excel

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We can insert comments by navigating to the Review tab. This tutorial will walk all levels of Excel users through the process of inserting, editing, removing and viewing comments in Excel.

Figure 1 – Inserting comments

How to Add a Note

We will use figure 2 to illustrate how we can insert note or how to add comment.

Figure 2 – How to add Comment

  • To add a comment to any cell, we will click on the Cell, go to the Review tab and select New Comment

Figure 3 – Click on Review tab to add a comment

  • Once we click New Comment, we will be able to add the comment to Cell B7. We must note that the comment is saved with the name of the computer, in this case, as user.

Figure 4 – Comment Saved with the name of the computer

  • We will click any other cell after we are done with the comment

How to Edit Comment

  • We will click on the Cell where we made the comment
  • We will go to the Review tab and select Edit Comment

Figure 5 – How to Edit a Comment

How to View comments

  • To display comments, we will go to the Review tab and select Show/Hide Comment. To show all comments, we will click Show All Comments

Figure 6 – How to Display a Comment

  • We can navigate from one comment to another by clicking on Previous and Next
  • We can delete a comment by clicking on the comment, go to the Review tab and click Delete