How to use Excel Auto fit

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We can resize cells automatically by allowing Excel expand columns to fit text to match the size of data inside the cell. This feature is called Excel AutoFit.

Figure 1. AutoFit in Excel

When we are entering data into our worksheet, column and row dimensions might not adjust automatically. The AutoFit feature is designed to make Excel fit cells to text automatically in our worksheet to accommodate various sizes of data without having to adjust the row height and column width manually.

How to Make Excel Cells Expand to Fit Text Automatically

We can make Excel fit cells to text automatically by using the ribbon control buttons on our worksheet by using the following simple steps;

  1. We begin by selecting the columns we want to autofit on our worksheet, and then clicking on the “Home” tab, in the “Cells” group, click on “Format”;

Figure 2. Format button in Excel

  1. Under the “Cell Size” options, click on the “Autofit Row Height” and “Autofit Column Width” buttons;

Figure 3. Autofit in Excel

  1. The columns and rows of our worksheet expand and contract automatically to accommodate the data inside the highlighted cells. The Autofit feature will also make Excel cells fit text entered at this point automatically.