How to stop Auto correct in Excel and MS Word

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We can stop Autocorrect in Excel and MS word using simple techniques. We want to do this to prevent the system from remembering what we previously typed. This tutorial will guide all levels of Excel users on how to stop autocorrect in Excel and MS Word.

Figure 1: Autocorrect in excel

How to stop Autocorrect in Excel

To stop autocorrect in excel, we will go to the File menu, then click on the Option button

Figure 2: Excel tab

  • In the Excel options dialog box, we will click Proofing

Figure 3: Excel Options dialog box

  • We will click Autocorrect options and uncheck Replace text as you type

Figure 4:  Excel Autocorrect

  • We will now click on the OK button. This will Stop Excel Autocorrect

Autocorrect is now OFF anytime we use Excel unless we use the same technique for turning it back ON.

How to Turn Off Autocorrect in Word

  • To stop autocorrect in word, we will click on the File menu and select Options

Figure 5: MS word file tab

  • In the word option dialog box, we will choose Proofing on the top left hand corner

Figure 6: Word Options dialog box

  • We will click on the Autocorrect Option at the top right corner of the dialog box

Figure 7: Inserted Autocorrect Options

  • We will remove autocorrect by unchecking the Replace text as you type box. Additionally, we can turn off individual Autocorrect features by unchecking the box next to Correct two initial Capitals, Capitalize first letter of sentences, etc.

Figure 8:  Remove Autocorrect in word

  • Once we have made the appropriate selections, we will click OK

Figure 9: Autocorrect Stopped

Autocorrect is now OFF anytime we use MS word unless we use the same technique for turning it back ON.