How to split one excel cell into multiple sheets

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When working with an excel worksheet there are times when we might be required to split the content of an excel workbook into multiple workbooks based on a given column. This might be due to various reasons. This makes learning how to split excel sheets a very important skill. Note that it will be too tedious to copy the contents of each cell and paste them in a different one, especially if you have got too many rows in a given worksheet. In this post, we shall look at easy ways to separate sheets in excel.

Method 1: Copying contents to a different excel workbook filter

You can easily split excel sheet by simply copying the contents of one excel sheet to another. To do this, you just need to select a cell in the specific column.

Figure 1: Copying contents to different workbook

In figure 1 above, we have selected cell B1.

After selecting a cell in the column, the next thing is to turn to Data tab and click the filter button.

Then next thing will be to turn to the down arrow in the column and click on it. This will display the filter choices available. In the Select All option, uncheck it.

Figure 2: Uncheck β€œ Select All” option

After unchecking the Select All option, you can now select one filter choice that suits your needs. In our example, we shall select β€œ29.95” and the click on OK. This will only leave those data whose value is 29.95 in column B.

Now that you are left with the data you want to put into a different sheet, you can now copy and paste them into the sheet that you want.