How to remove duplicate emails in Outlook

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When we import email items from other programs into MS Outlook, there are very high chances that we can have duplicate emails. And if we are dealing with a large volume of imported emails, then it means that deleting duplicate emails might not be as easy as most of us would wish it to be. This post looks at how we can remove duplicates in Outlook 2013 and other versions.

Removing duplicates in Outlook using the Clean Up utility

MS Outlook has several utilities and add-ins which we can utilize in order to remove any duplication of email items. One of the most known and commonly used add-in is the Clean Up. This add-in can be used manually from within the application.

Running the Clean Up add-in to remove duplicate emails in Outlook

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to use this add-in;

Step 1: Open MS Outlook

You first need to open the MS Outlook that had the emails from which you want to delete duplicates. After opening, you will have to also select the folder which you suspect has got duplicate emails to remove.

Figure 1: Folder with duplicate email items

Step 2: Go to Clean Up

The next thing will be to go to the Home tab on the ribbon and select the Clean Up option. You will see a number of options, select one according to the reason for the occurrence of the duplicate email addresses.

Figure 2: Clean Up add-in

Step 3: Select the Clean Up Conversation

From the drop down options that will appear, select Clean Up conversation. This option is typically used for deleting and removing duplicate email messages which might exist in the conversation. You can also delete duplicate email messages in a particular folder using the Clean Up Folder option. If you have duplicate emails in subfolders and want to delete the folders together with the subfolders, then you will have to utilize the Clean Up Folder and Subfolder option.

Step 4: Delete permanently

If you want to delete the folder with duplicate email addresses permanently, then you will have to right-click on the folder and select Empty folder option. This will delete all the deleted duplicate emails permanently.

Figure 3: Delete permanently