How to prepare cash flow statement

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We can prepare a Cash Flow Statement by using the cash flow template given in this article. This tutorial will guide all levels of excel users on how to create a simple cash flow template to calculate statement of cash flow.

Figure 1: Cash Flow Statement Template

Setting the data

  • To do this, we will input all the titles of our expenditure in their various activities. This tutorial has a cashflow from two activities, “cash flow from operations” and “cash flow from investing activities”

Figure 2: Title of Expenditure

  • We will now calculate the sum of the cash received from and cash paid for both the cash flow from Operations and cash flow from investing activities by typing into Cells E8, E14 and E21 the formula “=SUM(D7:D8)”, “=SUM(D10:D14)”, and =SUM(D18,D21), and then press the enter key

Figure 3: Sum of Cash Flow Operations

  • We will now calculate the net cash flow from operations by subtracting the cash paid for from cash paid from by typing the formula below into Cell E15

=Sum(E8 -E14) or =(E8 -E14)

Figure 4: Net cash flow from operations

  • We will repeat also for Cell E26 for the net cash flow from investing activities


Figure 5: Net cash flow from investing activities

  • We will now calculate the net cash flow from all activities by adding up all the net cash flows using this formula, “=SUM(E15+E26)

Figure 6: Sum of all Net Cash Flows

  • We will now close the balance by typing in this formula into Cell E28


Figure 7: Closing balance


  • Cash Flow Statement Components
    This provides a detailed view of cash from operations and Investing Activities
  • Cash Flow from Operating Activities
    The net amount coming in or going out on daily business operations
  • Cash Flow from Investing Activities
    The outflow of cash for long-term assets such as equipment, buildings and landed properties