How to leave cell blank if Zero

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We can leave a cell blank if the value in it is zero by formatting the cell to remove the zero value. This tutorial will teach us how to leave cell blank if zero.

Figure 1: If zero leave blank

If Cell is Blank then Leave Blank

  • To do this, we will prepare our table of values including all the zero figures present in the data.

Figure 2: Data for if 0 leave blank

We will highlight the entire range A4:C10 and right-click to select format cells. In the Format cell dialog box, we will click on custom, then we will select the general and type a double semicolon “;;” in front of the word general and we will then click OK.

Figure 3: Dialog box for leaving zero(s) as blank

  • This will tell excel that if cell is blank, do nothing. It will also wipe out all the zeros on our table, leaving their cells blank

Figure 4: Leaving Zeros Blank