How to copy and paste visible cells in Excel

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When working on a worksheet, you might encounter a situation where some cells either do not appear or simply not visible. In such a situation, we have the option to select only visible cells. Note that by default, Excel will copy both visible and invisible cells.

Figure 1: Copy paste visible cells

In figure 1 above, we have row 2 invisible or hidden.

If we were to copy and paste the range in the above figure, we shall get result as shown in figure 2 below;

Figure 2: Copy paste a range of cells

With this procedure, you might have noticed that we have copy/pasted both hidden as well as visible cells.

But what if we want to copy and paste only visible cells? Well, we can select visible cells only in Excel 2010 and other versions by following a simple procedure as explained below;

Steps to copy only visible cells

In order to copy visible cells in Excel, follow the steps below;

Step 1: Select the range of visible cells you want to copy. In our example, the range is A1:A4

Step 2: Click Find & Select

To get the Find & Select tab, head to the Home tab, and under the Editing group, click on the Find & Select.

Figure 3: Choose Find & Select

Step 3: Clock Go To Special

In the drop-down menu that appear, click “Go To Special

Figure 4: Choose Go To Special

Step 4: Select Visible cells only

You will be presented with a window with various Go To Special options. Among the options is Visible cells only. Click on it and the click OK.

Figure 5: Click ok

Step 5: Copy the range

The next thing you have to do is to copy the visible range. To do this, simply press Ctrl + C.

Step 6: Paste the range

Now that we have copied the visible cells, we now have to paste them. Pasting visible cells is actually easy, all we need to do is select where we want to paste them then press Ctrl + V.

Figure 6: Pasting the visible cells