How to Convert Decimals to Fraction

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We can convert decimal to fraction and fraction to decimal by using the Number ribbon. This tutorial will guide all levels of Excel users on how to insert fraction in Excel.

Figure 1: How to Convert Decimal to Fraction

How to Put a Fraction in Excel

  • To convert a number in decimal to fraction, we will highlight the cell containing the number. We will highlight Cell E5.

Figure 2: Decimal table

  • We will click the Home tab

Figure 3: Click Home

  • We will go to the Number Group
  • We will go to General; we will click on the dropdown to select Fraction from the options
  • We will click OK to obtain a fraction

Figure 4: Create a single fraction in the cell

Add Fractions in Excel

  • To add the fractions to the remaining cells, we will select the cells with the decimals and follow the previous procedure of clicking General and select Fractions

Figure 5: Inserted excel display fractions without reducing

How to Convert Fraction to Decimal

  • To convert Fractions to Decimals, we will select the cells with the fractions and follow the procedure of clicking Fraction and select Number or General

Figure 6: How to convert fraction to decimal in excel

How to Display Fraction without Reducing

  • To display fraction without reducing, we will select all the Cells (E5:E14) we want to format

Figure 7: Excel Fraction Format

  • We will right-click and select Format Cells.
  • In the category list, we will choose Custom, the Type box should contain the characters #??/??”
  • We will change the contents of the Type box to #??/28

Figure 8: Format Cells Dialog box

  • We will click the OK button

Figure 9: How to display fraction without reducing