How to change chart style

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We can change our chart style in Microsoft excel by using the predefined chart styles in the design menu on our taskbar. The design menu automatically appears immediately we select a chart. This tutorial will teach us how to change our chart style.

Figure 1: Changing chart style

Data to change chart style in Excel 2016

  • We will prepare a table to create our chart

Figure 2: Data to change chart style in excel 2016

  • We will create our chart by highlighting the table, then we will select insert in the menu section. We will select any chart type we want by click on the various shapes of chart displayed as icons in the Charts group. We can also use the recommended charts option, if we do not have an ideal chart in mind.

Figure 3: Selecting the chart option

  • After selecting our chart, the chart will then be displayed on the page.

Figure 4: Selected chart

  • With the chart still highlighted, we will use the Design option displayed automatically above our page on the task bar to change the style of our chart. We can also use the quick layout to change the style of our chart.

Figure 5: Edited Chart style