How to Add text in Excel

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With the Excel add text to cell operation, we can easily input text to a range of selected cells in our worktable. Easily add a string, prefix, a suffix, or any other characters we need within our selected cell range.

Figure 1. of Add Text in Excel

Sometimes we may need to enter text in Excel or specific text at the beginning or at the end of some cells in our spreadsheet selection. Excel also allows us to specify the exact location for the input. If we were to input the text manually into each cell, it would be time-consuming.

How to Add Text to a Cell in Excel

We can easily insert text into Excel by using the ampersand (&) formula.

We will now demonstrate how to use Excel insert text via formula in the following simple steps;

  1. Enter the text/data values into our worksheet;

Figure 2. of Text Values in Excel

Our purpose in the illustration above, is to add text to cells in column A by using the & formula.

We want our specified text to appear before the text value in each cell in column A.

  1. The & formula we will enter into cell C2 above is as follows:

Figure 3. of Add Text in Excel

The result is the text “ENTER” – which we specified in our formula for adding text in Excel – before the text in cell A2.

  1. Modify and copy the & formula in cell C2 above down into the other cells in the column for similar outcomes;

Figure 4. of Add Text in Excel

We can also modify the & formula to add text to the end of a cell

Entering the formula =A6&”ENTER” will add “ENTER” at the end of the text in the cells:

Figure 5. Add Text in Excel