How To Add a Title To A Chart or Graph In Excel

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We may quickly add a title to a chart in Excel using a wide range of options. In this article, we will learn how to add a title in Excel, not minding the version of Excel we have. We will also learn how to automate or make a dynamic chart title and add axis time with ease.

Figure 1 -How to make a title in excel

How to add a chart title

  • We click anywhere in the chart where we want to add the title.
  • By selecting this, the Chart Tools Tab will appear in Excel 2010 and recently, we may find the Chart Tools with two Tabs Format and Design

Figure 2 – Excel graph title

  • We will click on the Design Tab
  • In the Drop-down menu, we will click on Charts Layout and select Add Chart Element. (In 2010, we go to Labels group and select Layout tab)

Figure 3 – Inserting chart title

  • We will select Chart Title alongside the position we want.
  • When we choose the Centered Overlay option, it might insert the title at the top of the chart without resizing it. On the other hand, picking above will quickly make the chart a bit smaller
  • We will click inside the Title box, highlight the Chart Title and start typing the name we wish for our chart

Figure 4 – How to make a title in excel

How to change chart title in excel

  • We will go the Design tab, then Add Chart Element, Tap Chart Title and pick More Title options. Here we will be able to change color, font style, etc.

**In Excel 2010, we go to Labels, Layout Tab and then Chart Title in the More Title Options.

  • We can quickly Right-click on the Chart Title Box and select Format Chart Title

Figure 5 – Formatting chart title

How to make a dynamic chart title

We can automate the chart title by:

  • Selecting the Chart Title, then Type the equal sign in the Formula bar (=).

Figure 6 – Link the chart title to Cell A1. Format the value axis to display whole numbers only

  • Next, we will click or highlight the Cell that we want to link the chart title to.

Figure 7 -How to link chart title to a cell

  • We will press the Enter button

How to add axis title

Whether we have 2D or a 3D chart, we can easily add axis titles by:

  • We will select the chart
  • Select the Design Tab and navigate to Charts Layout group
  • In the drop-down menu, we select Add Chart Element

Figure 8 – How to link chart title to a cell

  • Click on Axis Title to select between the axis titles to choose which we want to rename first

Figure 9 – Editing Axis title

  • In the Axis Title dialog box, we will enter the text we want.

Figure 10 – Adding titles in Excel

How to remove a chart or axis title

We can remove an axis title or chart title by using one of the two methods described below.

Method 1

  1. We will click anywhere on the chart and navigate to Chart Layouts group to click Add Chart Element drop-down menu.
  2. We will select Chart Title and choose None. This will remove our chart title.

Figure 11 – Delete Chart title

Method 2

  1. We can also remove the axis or chart title by clicking directly on the title and press the delete button.
  2. Alternatively, we can right-click on the axis or chart title, and select Delete from the dialog window.

Figure 12 – Removing chart title

Method 3

  1. If we have just typed in a new title but want to change it, we can press Ctrl + Z or select Undo from the Quick Access Toolbar.


Typically, the Excel 2016 and later adds the Excel Graph Title or chart title by default. But this Is not the same in the Excel 2010, 2013 and earlier. We have to add title manually.


Charts like Pie or Doughnut Charts have axis but they do not display axis titles. Therefore, depending on the chart type we choose, if we change the chart type, we may no longer see the axis title.