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The Developer tab contains the command buttons for some advanced Excel functions such as Visual Basic Editor, Macros and Add-ins.  It also contains the Controls Group that inserts Form Controls and ActiveX Controls, and the XML Group that enables import/export of XML files.   

Figure 1.  Final result:  Developer tab

How to add the Developer tab

When the Developer tab is not displayed in the toolbar, it must have been disabled in Options.  In order to display it the Developer tab, we follow these steps:

  • Click File tab > Options
  • In the Excel Options window, select Customize Ribbon
  • Select Main Tabs in the Customize the Ribbon drop-down menu
  • Click on the Developer check box

Figure 2.  Customize the Ribbon menu in Excel Options

The Developer tab will be displayed at the top of the screen, right next to the View tab.  It will show the command buttons for Code, Add-Ins, Controls, XML and Modify.  

Figure 3.  Output: How to add the Developer tab

Developer tab in Mac

The procedure to display the Developer tab in Mac is as easy as in Windows.  Follow these steps:

  • Click on Preferences under the menu at the top of the screen

Figure 4.  Preferences in menu options

  1. Click View under Authoring

Figure 5.  Preferences window

  1. Check Developer tab under In Ribbon, Show

Figure 6.  Developer tab option in View window

The Developer tab will instantly appear beside the View tab.  

Figure 7.  Output: Developer tab in Mac